Saturday, August 30, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Suzuki Edition

I want to talk about something that may or may not have to do with Kurt Suzuki.

Back in the day, the NFL Network's Top 10 series did an episode with the Top 10 guys that replaced a legend at their position. And they talked about Aaron Rodgers, and Steve Young, and then they spent a good seven minutes talking shit about Richard Todd. And then there was the segment where a bunch of people from Dallas basically tore Danny White a new asshole, by saying he was nowhere near as talented, and versatile, and anything as Roger Staubach.

Being that MLB Network's Prime 9 series...may have leapt off the face of the earth, I thought it'd be interesting to think of the current players who have replaced absolute legends at their position, and how they're doing.

We might as well start with Kurt Suzuki, because his name's on the post. The Twins signed Kurt because they knew he'd be starting at catcher this year, because A.) Screw Drew Butera, and B.) Joe Mauer was moving to first base to conserve his knees. So basically, Kurt Suzuki is hired to replace our generation's version of Johnny Bench, and how does he do? Actually, pretty well for himself. He made the All-Star team this year, along with Glen Perkins, and did a nice job playing backstop this season. Plus, he's doing so well that the Twins already re-signed him for next season.

However, Joe Mauer is still on the team, so it's not really a fully weighted replacement. So, for that, we can go to somebody like Chris Johnson, who replaced Chipper Jones as the Braves' third baseman. And while Johnson is doing well, he's nowhere near legend status, or even 'so good you forget about the legend' status. He can hit, but he's...okay. I think he's more similar to Tony Batista, when he took over for Cal Ripken. The fans came in expecting another Cal Ripken, and they got...Tony Batista, who was okay, but he wasn't Ripken.

David Robertson's a little better of an example, as he's taking over for the greatest closer who ever lived, Mariano Rivera, and he's doing pretty damn well. I mean, he's not at Greg Holland levels, but is anyone? Robertson is basically just what we needed- a solid, consistent enough closer who at least does the job. If you're replacing a legend, that's really all you can do.

There are a few more I could talk about. I could talk about Roughned Odor taking over for Ian Kinsler, or Drew Smyly filling David Price's shoes, or Jonny Gomes having to fill in for Yoenis Cespedes.

But instead, I'm going to talk about Yangervis Solarte. If you think YOU'VE had a bad year, folks, wait until you here what this guy's been through in an entire year.

The Yankees called him up in late April, at third base. So already, you're replacing Alex Rodriguez, who may or may not still be a big deal in New York. I mean, there may be one or two people that still care about him, I don't know. So yeah, already you have a big enough deal. BUT THEN, he's traded for Chase Headley, and goes to San Diego, and then has to replace Headley, who's basically the only good person on that team. So...if replacing a steroid-abusing Yankee wasn't enough, now Solarte now has to replace the only reason people are going to Padres games.

Jeez. He must envy Danny White.

Coming Tonight (?)- A member of the somehow-still-in-first Baltimore Orioles.

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