Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Box Break: 2014 Topps Bowman Football

I...really don't like Bowman.

I've never been a fan of rookie-centric products, because I'm not a rookie collector. I collect people who are good right now, and it's kinda nice when I pull a card of someone who ends up being halfway decent eventually. But pulling an autographed card of someone who is already out of the league by the time I go to post the box is not really a favorite feeling of mine.

Nevertheless, because my mystery contact wishes it so, I have to review a hobby box full of semi-premium rookie-centric crap. And because it came out before Topps, none of the rookies are wearing NFL garb, which is a bit infuriating, but oh well.

As you can see, I'll be getting four different autos, and a game-used. Let us pray they're of people I've heard of. There are ten mega-packs in the box, by the way. Each pack comes with some rookies, some veterans, and an insert/game-used.

Pack One- We're literally two cards in, and I've already pulled one of the few cards I actually wanted from Bowman. That was quick. Yeah, Michael Sam's rookie is a huge deal for me, as he's probably going to be a game-changer if he ever gets playing time, which I severely hope happens. Greg Robinson's also a well-publicized rookie.
This Ryan Shazier card is a red parallel. I believe these are #'d to 25, and I have to check, because I don't have the card in front of me. It's a numbered parallel of a rookie. They're all the same.
Here are some base cards. You can see that we pulled a Vincent Jackson, a Geno Atkins, Steve Johnson, Vincent Jackson, and LeSean McCoy, my man. There are black parallels, and extra shiny cards, but they don't really mean anything.

Our two inserts are a Bowman mini of a guy I can't really distinguish, and the other insert is a really cool Frank Gore insert.

Pack Two at least has an Eagle thrown in the rookie mix, but the black border is Jason Verrett.

Here are le base cards. Patrick Willis, Patrick Peterson, and a badly timed Ray Rice round 'em out.
I forget whether or not this shiny Alshon Jeffery is numbered. I doubt it.

Pack 3. Eric Ebron and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix are the ones I've heard of. 

Base cards. Thankfully Eddie Lacy and DeSean Jackson are in here. 

Our first auto of the box is of Jason Verrett of the Chargers. Which...I guess is alright.

Meanwhile, this is a blue parallel, which means that it's numbered to 75.

Pack 4. The collation in these packs are a bit lackluster, as this happened with Eagle Taylor Hart.

A.J. Green, MJD, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Cordarrelle Patterson are the highlights here.
Tajh Boyd...boy, it'd be nice if I knew what team he played for Bowman, you better get on that, is our second autograph. Boyd has already been cut by the Jets. He was last seen trying out for the Bills. This is why I don't like rookie-centric products.

A bunch of rookies start off Pack 5. Teddy Bridgewater is one of the highlights here. Too bad Matt Cassel's blocking him out.

The base highlights include a guy who isn't even on the damn roster for his team (Pryor), as well as a guy made famous for being Manning's target.

HEY! We hit our game used! And even better, the game used is of someone I have heard of. Alshon Jeffery, while he's not the forefront of the offense like Marshall is, is still a nice asset to have, and will hopefully have a nice season this year.

Pack 6- Jimmy Garappolo was the rookie highlight here.

Three different parallels. I honestly forget what they're all numbered too, but all three are really nice.

Jordy Nelson, Jimmy Graham, Russell Wilson and RG3 are the base stars here.

Our 2nd die-cut is of Demaryius Thomas. Pretty nice.

The Raiders' Starting QB starts off Pack 7.
Parallel of the Falcons' Jerome Smith.

Frank Gore and JPP are the stars here. A lot of base doubles I didn't show.

Rob Gronkowski, who guest-starred on Whose Line is it Anyway during the offseason, is our third die-cut. 

Pack 8. Our sole non-double rookie is a shiny parallel of Jimmy Garappolo.

I forget if I had any of these base cards, but they're all really good.

Pack 9- The #1 Overall Pick, and the #1 picked QB are represented. 

My 3rd auto is a redemption. Yay. It's thankfully of a guy that's still employed, Jarvis Landry of the Dolphins. Dunno if I'll ever get it though.

Last few base cards. Welker, Cruz, Gronk, etc.

I was so disillusioned by this box that this was all I posted of pack 10. Our 4th Auto was of Lamarcus Joyner of the Rams. Thankfully he's still with the team. 

OVERALL: I'm sorry, but I really don't see the point of releasing a whole set around rookies, and then give all the rookies cards where they're still wearing college uniforms, and then just make autographed cards of people that aren't even going to make the roster. That is why you just make autos and relics of people who YOU KNOW are good, so that when somebody pulls one, they don't feel ripped off or disappointed, like I did when I pulled my autos. The box's only saving grace was the Alshon Jeffery game used card. 

But overall, I was even more pissed than I was after the Hot Rookies box, because at least that box was quick. This box...just kept going.

Rating: D+ Just pitiful, Topps.

Coming Soon: A box of a product that (hopefully) won't piss me off: 2014 Panini Elite. 

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