Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Panini for a Wednesday: 2014 Donruss Series 2

That is a very good question. Why exactly DO I torture myself like this?

You may call me crazy for buying a fat pack of Series 2 of the most disappointing product of 2014 (unless you count anything Topps has put out this year that isn't Heritage).

And yes, Donruss is a flawed product this year. Though really, it has no real choice but to be flawed. The one problem that people have with this set, the lack of logos or team names, is something that Panini is TRYING to work with, but ultimately can't help. If MLB ever gives Panini a full-fledged MLB license (something I really want to happen, even if it's not exactly plausible), then maybe we'll FINALLY get over this problem.

But still, aside from the license, there still are some major flaws with the product, and the fact that an unnecessary Series 2 has been prodded out this late is just the proof we need.

However, is there any saving grace with this product? Let's find out:

297- Greg Holland, one of the best closers in the AL.
289- Nolan Arenado
282- Joey Votto, who is injured right now.
276- Alejandro De Aza
271- David Ortiz, who also has a card in Series One...which kind of defeats the purpose of having a Series 2.
267- Chris Tillman, who has become the unofficial ace for Baltimore.
320- Sonny Gray, who came onto the Oakland scene at the exact right time.
311- Ryan Braun. BOOOOOOOO!
302- Tyler Skaggs, who wasn't really effortly PSd into an Angels uniform.
294- Miguel Cabrera
349- Leonys Martin
345- Evan Longoria.
315- Oswaldo Arcia SILVER PARALLEL NUMBERED TO 400! That's actually pretty nice.
31- The Rookies Insert of Christian Bethancourt
214- Diamond Kings insert of Mark Trumbo
272- Grady Sizemore...who isn't even on the Red Sox anymore.
268- Jonathan Schoop rookie...which is actually pretty nice.
323- Ryan Howard
315- Oswaldo Arcia
306- Adeiny Hechavarria
303- Dee Gordon, who's having a great 2014.
353- Jose Bautista, who's doing the same things he does every year.
350- Shin-Soo Choo
356- Yunel Escobar
341- Yadier Molina
328- Jedd Gyorko
Studio insert of Felix Hernandez, which actually looks pretty cool.
Annnnd...I pulled a Jersey Card. A Jersey Kings one of Russell Martin, which, given the circumstances, is a pretty decent pull, especially out of a Target pack.
Elite insert of Jason Kipnis. These look really good.
250- Jake Marsinick, one team ago, rookie

The set, yeah, is pretty flawed, but there are great things in the inserts, and the authenticity to Donruss. It's just...not great.

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  1. I think a bigger issue, than the lack of a license, is the look of the cards. Why the high gloss? If you wanted to be honoring the original Donruss, use the right stock. Then, factor in the crappy non-licensed look and these are dreadful.