Sunday, September 7, 2014

Custom Card of the Morning: Pujols Edition

Just a few hours ago, Albert Pujols collected his 2,500th career hit, and is 1,500th career run. Earlier this year, he collected his 500th career home run. I have confidence in saying that we are looking at a future hall of famed.

I was slightly worried when he started off his tenure in Anaheim with some not-so-great seasons, but this season has been the comeback we've all been waiting for from Pujols, as he's got a 25+ homer season going, and he's the center of a surging Angels lineup, with Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Howie Kendrick all producing some nice stuff, and a pitching staff that's proving to be durable.

I'm very happy for Albert, as I've always had a lot of respect for him, and I've always wanted good things to happen to him. And I'm really glad his 2014 is going so well.

Coming Later Today: I'll get to posting some FB Predictions, but I'll also try to get in another baseball custom, the one I promised yesterday.

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