Thursday, September 18, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Haren Edition

Well, it looks like the Dodgers will be taking the NL West again...which is pretty nice, because it's been a rather unsuspenseful year for that division.

I mean, with the exception of early early on, the Dodgers have always been on top, and the Giants have been too far behind to be a threat, with the exception of one or two points in the season.

Plus, I believe the Dodgers have had the most consistent pitching staff in baseball this year. First of all, their top two aces have been on all year (Kershaw had his injury early, but after that he was golden), and Ryu and Haren have been relatively smooth alongside them. Plus, the revolving door of Josh Beckett, Roberto Hernandez, and Kevin Correia has allowed for a smooth enough fifth man. Though to be honest, if the fifth rotation spot is your only fault, you're doing things right.

The Dodgers are probably already a lock for the postseason. If it's not official yet, it will be. In terms of how far they'll get, one never knows, though I'd like them to go pretty far.

Coming Tonight- I've got a lot to choose from, so I'll throw something down. Probably a Cardinal.

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