Monday, September 22, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Castillo Edition

This will likely be my last post until December/November of someone who is not in contention for the playoffs. So, sorry Teixeira and Betances. You guys will have to wait.

Now, let's talk about Rusney Castillo. The Sox signed Castillo LITERALLY A MONTH AGO, and now he's playing center field for them. I don't know if that means Castillo is really good, or just that the Sox are really desperate right now. You can tell they're desperate because their starting right fielder is Daniel Nava. If he were on any other team, he'd be out of the league by now.

Speaking of Nava, if you took him out of the equation, you'd have an all-Cuban Boston outfield, with Castillo and Cespedes. All they need is someone to play right field that's also from Cuba, and BOOM. That's one unstoppable outfield.

Wait...I'm giving the Red Sox ideas...

I take that back.

Coming Tomorrow/Tonight: Does this guy only play well when he's in the NL? Or is he allergic to pinstripes? Either way, he's the Pirates' catcher.

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