Thursday, September 4, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Revere Edition

It's kind of nice to know that even when your team isn't playing very well, there's at least one guy that is. And this year, Ben Revere is that guy for Philadelphia. With his nice sized batting average, his base stealing tendencies, and the fact that he's not getting injured like last year, he's easily becoming a favorite in Philadelphia.

And yeah, there are a few standouts this year, with Marlon Byrd hitting homers left and right, and Chase Utley having a nice comeback season, and Cole Hamels pitching most of a no-hitter. But Revere's great year means the most because it says a lot for the youth movement, or at least someone who has a lot left in the tank. Byrd, Hamels and Utley will likely be gone before the decade's out. Revere, with or without the Phillies, looks like he may keep going, and continue to be a really fun player for a little while. And I like that.

So, if anything can be taken out of the Phillies' 2014 season, let it be Ben Revere.

Coming Today-ish- The best closer in baseball. Not the most fun. Not the most potentially great. But for this year, the best.

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