Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Martinez Edition

Well, we had some doubts for a while, but it looks like the Tigers may have a shot at actually getting to the playoffs.

(reads last sentence)

Why exactly did we have doubts again?

I mean, yeah, they had a pretty poor August, but that happens to teams. It happened to Milwaukee. It happened A LITTLE BIT in Baltimore (September gave them their huge lead, mostly). And, it happened in Detroit, due to a few slumps, a few injuries, and David Price taking a little while to reclaim his mastery. But now it seems like they've caught up to the Royals, and are making a bid for the AL Central. Which does not bode well for the Indians.

Victor Martinez we were worried about for a little while back there, but he's come back in a huge way, and has become one of the better DHs in the league, hitting a nice amount of home runs while still letting people like Miguel Cabrera still be the centerpiece of the team. If the Tigers make it to the postseason, this guy is going to be explosive. Like, rookie pitchers should not fool around with this guy.

I have no idea how far the Tigers are going to make it, because I don't think they have the strong, overpowering force that they've had in 2012 and 2013. But, at least this year I hope good things happen to them, because somehow they've become the underdogs, which is weird for a team that made it to the World Series two years ago.

Coming Today/Tonight: I might throw in a football custom, but I'm finally going to post that Yankee I spoke of earlier.

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