Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football Custom of the Day: Ivory Edition

Well, this guy sure had a nice weekend, didn't he?

During the game against Oakland, Chris Ivory had a much talked about run, which basically ended up plowing the Jets ahead, and made Geno Smith look slightly less awful. A lot of Jets fans are happy about Ivory, as are a lot of New York football fans who are still reeling from last night's Giants-Lions game.

I'm happy for him, besides from his first few seasons in New Orleans, I hadn't heard too much about Ivory. And now, here he is, leading the charge for the Jets, and finally bringing some good news out New York, unless you're a Raider fan living in the area.

Do I think the Jets will be vastly improved this year? Maybe not vastly, but I think that if they have more games like Sunday's, they could be a sleeper hit this year, which is nice.

Coming Tonight- Just like that, the Tigers are back on top. Here's their DH.

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