Sunday, September 7, 2014


Yep, it's that time of year again.

Football season is upon us yet again. It felt like just yesterday that I was at the Super Bowl, watching the Seahawks batter down the Broncos for the title. And now, it's week one, and they've already beaten my Packers. So, the year just flies by I guess.

As I did last year, I'll be using every Sunday to predict the match ups of the week. I realize I will be wrong a lot, but still, I might be right sometimes, and I guess that counts for something.

So, what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go!

Saints vs. Falcons:
Who Should Win: Saints. It looks like the Saints have finally made enough improvements to be a serious contender this year, and a lot of the sports magazines are saying they're going to go to the end. While that may not exactly happen, even if they all basically predicted the Seahawks and Broncos to get there last year, the Saints definitely show a bit more promise than Atlanta. This isn't to discredit the Falcons, who have made serious strides in the year since coming in last in their division. I think that the Saints, in all theory, should take this one.
Who Will Win: Saints. I think it will be terribly close, because both quarterbacks are great, and both have really nice offensive systems, so both really have a shot, but I'm going with my gut and saying the Saints will end up taking it. Atlanta will get a few TDs in though.
Overall: Saints over Falcons, and it will be decided in the third.

Vikings vs. Rams:
Who Should Win: Vikings. This is basically a lesser of two evils, because you have a team with an outstanding player or two (don't forget about Cordarelle with your AP) and a not-too-trusted QB, and then a team with some good defense, some nice youth...and a not-too-trusted QB. So it could go either way, but I'm saying Minnesota, because I've at least heard of their QB.
Who Will Win: Rams. This is going to turn out to be a nice sized upset, because I have a hunch that one of their QBs is going to have a really nice start, and they'll end up running away with it. Call me crazy, but this scenario seems like it's calling for a miracle, so here's one.
Overall: Rams over Vikings, in a runaway.

Browns vs. Steelers:
Who Should Win: Steelers. Let's face it, Roethlisberger is still one of the best QBs in the game, even though he hasn't had a really nice season since he was still throwing to Hines Ward occasionally. Plus, Antonio Brown is becoming one of the better young players in the game, and he's a nice asset for the team. Also, they are playing the Browns. This shouldn't be too difficult.
Who Will Win: Steelers. What the Steelers have on their side is youth. They have a lot of second and third years in integral positions, to counteract the few aging pieces they still have. The Browns also have a lot of that, but it's not trusted and tested youth- it's youth that is still in Cleveland and can still play, so what the hell.
Overall: Steelers over Browns, low scoring but beatdown nonetheless.

Jaguars vs. Eagles:
Who Should Win: Eagles. If you want an example of a backup quarterback that made it huge, look no further than Nick Foles. He erased all the memory of Michael Vick's interceptions, and singlehandedly turned the team around to a playoff bid last year, even when it seemed impossible. There's a reason why so many Philly fans are resting on this guy. They want proof that he's the real deal, and not a one year thing, because they already have Domonic Brown for that. Signs point to him having a really nice game tomorrow.
Who Will Win: Eagles. The Jaguars are still a bottom of the pack team, especially without Maurice Jones-Drew. Their QB is either a rookie or Chad Henne, and both choices are not as well thought out as someone like Nick Foles. Yeah, it's gonna be a blowout.
Overall: Eagles over Jags, wide margin. Please, do not screw this up.

Raiders vs. Jets:
Who Should Win: Jets. We have two rebuilding teams here, with newer QBs, and older QBs waiting in the wings. Geno Smith vs. Derek Carr is a hell of an intriguing matchup, and while neither team is without flaws, a lot of people are saying that the Jets are going to be really good this year, and the Raiders are in the most difficult division to be good, so the Jets look poised to win.
Who Will Win: Raiders. I know they're the underdog, but that's precisely why they're going to win. They have some serious assets this year, in MJD and Tuck. Plus, I kind of want to see Rex Ryan go absolutely ballistic on TV. It makes for some real entertaining crap, I'll tell you that much.
Overall: Raiders over Jets, close game but low scoring.

Bengals vs. Ravens:
Who Should Win: Bengals. I have a feeling that Cincinnati is going to have a really, really nice season this year, and I think Andy Dalton and AJ Green are going to be the catalysts of this. This is a team that has been a middling, one playoff appearance team for so long. I really want them to have a nice run this season, so this game against a gradually depleted Ravens team could be the chance.
Who Will Win: Ravens. Then again, the Ravens also have a polished roster, with a few added elements that could spell a return to their postseason days. Flacco could be sporting a return too. Still, I think this will end up being a really, really close game, with the Ravens only coming out on top in the last few seconds.
Overall: Ravens over Bengals in a squeaker.

Bills vs. Bears:
This is a relatively easy one.
Who Should Win: Bears
Who Will Win: Bears. Not too much to think about here, because these teams are going in opposite directions, really.
Overall: Bears over Bills.

Redskins vs. Texans:
Who Should Win: Skins. In terms of teams that did badly last year, the Redskins have the most to prove this season. If they can get RG3 back on track, and if they can rejuvenate their offense, they can be a force in the NFC east. Whether or not that can happen will be decided in this game, against a youthful Texans team.
Who Will Win: Redskins. The Texans likely won't be too fantastic this year, but they'll eventually get there, I think. Meanwhile, the Redskins are slightly better than them, so they will probably win.
Overall: Skins over Texans.

Titans vs. Chiefs
Another easy one
Who Should Win: Chiefs
Who Will Win: Chiefs. Not even making it too difficult.
Overall: Chiefs over Titans. Andy Reid gets to smile at his press conference.

Patriots vs. Dolphins:
Who Should Win: Dolphins, because upsets can happen anywhere.
Who Will Win: Patriots, because not here.
Overall: Pats over Dolphins in a blowout.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers:
Who Should Win: Panthers.
Who Will Win: Panthers. A lot of these match ups are just 'really good vs. awful'.
Overall: Panthers over Bucs.

49ers vs. Cowboys:
Who Should Win: 49ers. A lot of people are saying the Niners will return to the Super Bowl this year, and while that definitely could happen, this could be a tricky matchup, because even when I think it's easy, the Cowboys could always pull a sneak attack and somehow force a win. Still, count on the Niners breaking away here.
Who Will Win: Niners. Yeah, it's not even gonna be close.
Overall: Niners over Cowboys.

Colts vs. Broncos:
Who Should Win: Broncos. The TV stations will be hollering about how this is THE game to see this weekend, and how this will determine how the rest of the season goes, and this is an unmissable rematch. To be perfectly honest, the only reason the Colts won the last time is because the Broncos decided they needed to lose one game, and they saw they were playing a generally decent team, and said 'aw, screw it, let's go with them'. These are two great teams, but the Broncos are one of the best teams in the AFC, and will likely come out on top.
Who Will Win: Broncos. Let me reiterate- this game will likely be very close. You're dealing with a vastly underrated offense in Indianapolis, plus a QB that could definitely be a playoff mainstay somewhere down the road. The Colts WILL put up a ton of points. I only see the Broncos coming out on top because they usually do. It could go either way.
Overall: Broncos over Colts, though the Colts will be leading into halftime. So I guess it WILL be a nice matchup.


Giants vs. Lions:
Who Should Win: Lions. The Lions have definitely grown a lot in the last few seasons, and the Giants have definitely regressed a lot in the last few seasons. Going with my gut, I say the Lions take this.
Who Will Win: Lions. Manning is going to give a valiant effort, but he's running out of trusted targets he can throw to. Meanwhile, Stafford's got more than a few really nice options.
Overall: Lions over Giants, in a huge way.

Chargers vs. Cardinals:
Who Should Win: Chargers. The Chargers were the underdog team last year that still made it far in the playoffs, even after coming in third place in their division. Rivers is once again expected to have a really nice season. I imagine he's going to start this in a big way tonight.
Who Will Win: Chargers. Not to discredit Carson Palmer, but his team doesn't really have too much, other than one or two really nice pieces, and a whole lot of youth. Rivers has crafted a nice system to work with, so he'll likely come out on top.
Overall: Chargers over Cards.

So...that's about it for this week. Let's see how wrong I am.

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