Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Strasburg Edition

If you want proof that the staying power in the MLB has nothing to do with wins, check out what Stephen Strasburg has been doing.

The man has 210 strikeouts, a 3.49 ERA, and is still one of the most powerful pitchers in baseball. I don't even care that he has a 11-10 record. He's on one of the best teams in the NL, only in his fourth season, and is still playing well.

Okay, even if he's having a great season, and even if he's holding some league records this year, he's nowhere near the behemoth that Topps promised us back in 2010, when they basically made every insert card a Strasburg, and then hid Strasburg cards in the online giveaways. It's not necessarily a Todd Van Poppel scenario, because Strasburg is still pretty good. But...unless he has a monster season down the line, he's not coming anywhere near the bar everyone set for him his rookie year, especially with that first game in 2010.

I like Stephen Strasburg, and I like it when really good things happen to him.

Coming Tomorrow- Another one of the better strikeout artists in the NL, only this one's playing for a much crappier team.

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