Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week Two Football Break: Topps Football

Continued from earlier, this is a hanger box of Topps Flagship football. I've been hearing mixed things about this one. I guess I'll have to make the opinion myself.

124- Leonard Hankerson. There's a lot going on on the front of the card, and while it does look different than most of their other recent designs, it's still a bitty busy. Plus, the backs are a bitty frenzied as well, and they're devoting a lot of space to Fantasy information, and only two lines of stats, even for veterans. It's a bit pathetic.
186- Justin Tucker
6- Patriots
265- Fred Jackson.
297- Carlos Dunlap.
203- Matt Flynn, who was the least awful of the Packers' backups last year.
98- Ryan Succop
267- Justin Tuck, photoshopped into a Raiders uniform.
296- Steven Hauschka. Is it bad that the first thing I think of when I hear this guy's name is this?
291- Jordan Reed.
307- Miles Austin. Jeez, could the photoshoppings be any less convincing this year?
278- Andy Dalton.
43- Jimmy Smith
105- Titans
215- Brandon LaFell. Three bad PS jobs. I might even make a tally.
175- Carson Palmer
182- Broncos
195- Robert Mathis. With this guy, I usually think of Casino Royale. "Your Mathis is my Mathis".
113- Garrett Graham, second billed star of Used Cars. (Ooh, a really obscure movie reference. Jeez, I think less people will get that than the MST3K one).
217- Jared Allen. FOUR! FOUR bad PS jobs.
53- Drew Brees, who will more than likely not need a bad PS job in the need future. He's Drew Brees. He's that awesome.
141- Colin Kaepernick, badass QB extraordinaire.
213- Lions
115- Clay Matthews, master of cursing on the sideline.
334- Arthur Lynch RC
404- Scott Crichton RC
349- Trent Murphy RC
396- Shaquelle Evans RC
362- Marcus Roberson RC
382- Xavier Grimble RC
337- Davante Adams RC
375- Allen Robinson RC
211- Philip Rivers, after that parade of rookies
331- Prince Amukamara. Oh, a guy named Prince. If only I had another MST3K reference for this.
10- Coby Fleener
133- Nick Fairley
1- Jeremy Kerley
63- Recent Retiree Sidney Rice
23- Captain Munnerlyn.
328- Owen Daniels. This PS job isn't that bad.
206- Eric Weddle
129- Charles Clay
316- Kembrell Thompkins
228- Vernon Davis
104- Darrelle Revis. SIX!
281- Cecil Shorts
120- Marvin Shorts
85- CJ Spiller GOLD #'D TO 2014
Fantasy Focus insert of Tony Romo
1000 Yard Club of Adrian Peterson
Greatness Unleashed of SHADY MCCOY!
4000 Yard Club of Drew Brees
Fantasy Strategies of AJ Green
359- Zach Mettengberger RC
Antonio Brown mini
Play 60 insert of Martellus Bennett
A Purple Rookie of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix
146- Panthers
187- Gerald McCoy
50- AJ Hawk!
257- Super Bowl Champion Seahawks
415- Jalen Saunders
407- Josh Huff RC
389- YES!!! THIS IS A MICHAEL SAM ROOKIE CARD!!! Even if he's already been cut. I don't care, because this is still a milestone card.
374- Blake Bortles.
397- Devin Street
395- Timmy Jernigan
428- Troy Niklas

So, that was a decent enough purchase. I got a Sam rookie out of it. That's good enough.


  1. I would have gone for a "Prince of Space" reference with Amukamara. "Your weapons are useless against me!"

  2. I was contemplating between that one and the one I picked, but I went with Agent from HARM by default, and also because I haven't seen Prince of Space in a while.