Friday, September 12, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Kluber Edition

Because, in a few weeks, the playoffs will be upon us, I'll be taking this opportunity to shell out the last few customs of teams that I'm...pretty sure won't be joining us in the playoffs. Honestly, you never know, but I'm a good 80% teams like the Cleveland Indians will not be joining us in the playoffs. And that's a shame, too, because they're a pretty fun team to root for (you, know, if it isn't 2007).

Corey Kluber, for instance, is having a pretty nice season, especially for a post-2009 Indians pitcher. He's had a number of really nice starts, especially against the Yankees. Also, he's got a nice amount of wins, and for a little while he speeding the team along in the AL central. Thats right...before the massive Royals uprising, there was a brief period where the Kluber-led Indians were ripe for the Wild Card. What a twist, right?

Now, the only way the Indians will be playoff-bound will be if one of the teams in range has a massive downfall, and they get hot. Besides, at this point, even I can admit that the Yankees aren't a playoff team. So, the Indians are the dangling factor, one that may or may be a huge force towards the end of the month. It could happen, or it couldn't.

To put it into perspective, the A's, Royals and Tigers are currently all tied for the two spots. The Mariners are a game away. Cleveland is 4.5 games back. Keep in mind that the A's are skidding, and the Royals and Tigers are only in the wild card race because they're tied for first. It really should be the A's and Tigers. So, say the A's slide out of it, and the Mariners have a crappy couple weeks. The Indians...have something resembling a shot.

You never know.

Coming Tomorrow- Last night, I planned on posting a card of a Baltimore Oriole, one that would hopefully help the relations between me and the Orioles fans. Except...I picked the exact wrong Oriole for this week.

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