Saturday, September 20, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Miller Edition

So, this is what it's come to.

It's September. And you know what that means. It's time for the Cardinals to inexplicably become really, really good at baseball!

Brewers have it this year? Pirates surging? Their 2013 was better? Who cares?! Certainly not the Cardinals. They're just gonna run up to the playoffs anyway, even if it's not their year, even if the pitching staff isn't as good as last year, even if it's absolutely unexpected and spontaneous.

Before I get myself killed here, yes, they have a pretty talented team, and they have some really nice players. But I don't get the part where they wait until the last two months of the season to actually make an impact. Did they MEAN to let the Brewers and Pirates have the division for a few months, just so they could get warmed up? Like, usually how you do it is start commanding the league a couple months before the race gets heated up. Because, I kind of thought the Brewers or Pirates would take this one, so it surprised me that the Cardinals are in front. It'd be like if the Tour de France was won by a guy who was in the middle of the pack for half the race. Not really unexpected.

I mean, look at the Dodgers. They're ahead, and they've been ahead for most of the year. Look at the Orioles. They've been leading the league since about June. Look at the Athlet...bad example.

Bottom line is that the way the Cardinals go about their last few not the way most people play baseball. And I understand that the first time they did it, they played the underdog card, and people rooted for them, and it was cool. Well, that doesn't work the next three times. Then you're not the underdog, you're just trying too hard.

I honestly hope that the team who eliminates the Cardinals doesn't do so in the World Series.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of the Athletics, the guy they hired to hit...who isn't really hitting at the moment.

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