Friday, August 5, 2016

And Now, For the Umpteenth Time This Season, The Cubs

I have written a TON of posts about the Chicago Cubs this year, and quite frankly, about 75% of them are warranted. After all these years of being effete, ineffective, pathetic...the Chicago Cubs are a scary, formidable powerhouse that people are legitimately trying to stop from winning a World Series.

True, the absolute-all-out-momentum from earlier in the season has depleted slightly, but this is the kind of team that can win games in landslides, or go into extras and come out on top via some absolutely extraneous variable that nobody thought of.

And plus, the farm system that was dealing and throwing people like Kyle Hendricks, Kris Bryant and Addison Russell into the mix last year...they spat a few more guys back. Willson Contreras has stepped up in a big way and has been taking the majority of the hours behind the plate from Miguel Montero. Now, his bat has been slowing down in the past week or so, but he's still doing his best. Albert Almora Jr., while not 100% effective, is still a nice little outfield bat that's adding some versatility to the already packed outfield.

(FYI- Topps...I just talked about a bunch of Cubs rookies and Carl Edwards was not one of them. Bad call, homeslice.)

The momentum is helping them a lot, because they're way ahead of the Cardinals, and the Pirates aren't in the race anymore (basically). They essentially have the Central wrapped up, and need to keep the Cards from coming back at the last minute (like they do), as well as keeping the fury going into the playoffs and potentially getting a World Series title back to a club that hasn't seen one in over a hundred years.

Coming Tonight (?)- Two months ago he threw a punch. Now he's firing even steadier bombs over the right field walls.

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  1. I'm afraid I'm the typical old Cubs fan. I got very worried during the pre- All Star break slide. I feel better now but it's hard not to feel that I'll be crushed in the end.