Saturday, August 13, 2016

In Transit

Right now, I'm enduring a 5 hour car ride toward my usual August vacation destination, a sunny cabin on Lake George. I just figured it'd be a good opportunity to post this custom of Kole Calhoun and his I'm likely going to be taking a ton of pictures this trip.

Yes, I'm gonna do a crap-ton of blogging this week, no less than usual. And given where I'll be headed sometime this week (my only hint was my last journey there was 3 years ago), I kind of HAVE to be blogging. It should be my god-given right.

But yeah, I'm on the lake for a week, I'm home for a week, and then I'm back at college. And the blog's gonna hopefully stay updated through all of this chaos.

But for now...enjoy a goofy custom that looks like it belongs in the '93 Stadium Club set.

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