Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Please Oh Please Oh Please Let the Indians Happen This Year

I know, I may be belaboring the point with all of these posts about how fun the Indians are and how badly I want them to succeed this postseason, but...if you saw an amazing baseball story waiting to happen about a team that's been at the heels of glory for years and years and was just about to strike gold, you wouldn't want it to die before it got good. The same thing happened with the Astros last year when it looked like the Rangers were digging them out of the race.

And now the Indians are far ahead enough that the story isn't over yet, but the Tigers are worrying me. I know what they can do in September, and I know how many nasty little hits guys they have this year- they could be dangerous if given the chance.

However, in my opinion the Indians have the more complete team. With the exception of catcher, every position is being filled by someone who's succeeding big time this year. The infield of Napoli-Kipnis-Lindor-Ramirez. The outfield of Naquin-Chisenhall-Davis. Santana DHing. The pitching staff of Salazar-Kluber-Carrasco-Bauer-Tomlin. The bullpen of people like Dan Otero, Cody Allen and now Andrew Miller. Everybody is absolutely killing it this season, and this was a combination that was a few years coming. All it took was this little push, and they're here. They're deadly.

And I want the momentum to keep going into October and not stop. This is a pretty spectacular story, and even without Michael Brantley they are doing this amazing job. Yes, the road ahead might be tough, with people like the Rangers, Orioles and Red Sox wanting it just as bad, but the Indians have this sort of special underdogness to them, and I can't ignore that.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the many arms trying to keep the Pirates above .500 this year.

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