Saturday, August 27, 2016

Not Exactly What You'd Call Ready to Rock

(This custom has been waiting in the bin since May 28th. About time.)
So...while the NL West has been a race between the Dodgers and Giants, and right now the Dodgers are far ahead of the Giants...we have to remember that there are still two other teams in that division, and not all of them are terrible.

I mean...two of them are. Yeah. As you were, San Diego and Arizona. Nono, I want to talk about the Rockies, because aside from their pitching, which is hard to keep in good condition in a homer-heavy ballpark like Coors Field, they're not in the worst place.

If nobody leaves after the season, this is a pretty solid lineup. The infield is Mark Reynolds, DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado. Reynolds is injured right now, but hopefully the Rockies will get him back next season, as he's been pretty nice so far. The outfield WAS Gerardo Parra, Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon...but then David Dahl came along and started hitting like it was his job. So, there's even some depth if there if CarGo leaves in the offseason, or if they keep CarGo and git rid of Parra or something.

People are hitting, and if it weren't for some structural problems, the Rockies would be a lot better off. But the important thing is that the foundation for a good team is there...they just have to rework it a little.

Coming Tonight- Our monthly reminder that the Rays still exist this year.


  1. Nice custom, I love the '89 UD design. Colorado is intriguing for sure - bright future there with Story and Arenado on the left side of that infield. Hard to break through LA and SF though, its like the AL east when it was ruled by the Sox and Yanks.

    The Collector

  2. If we can just get that bullpen figured out. Even the rotation is kind of getting into a groove, finally.