Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dodging Catastrophe

The pitching is a mess of injuries and guys who can't throw strikes, and the trade deadline imports are either on the DL or not performing to the best of their ability.

Man, it's a good thing the Dodgers still have a pretty nice team, or else they'd be absolutely screwed right now.

Josh Reddick, as good as he is, hasn't done a great deal in his few weeks as a Dodger. The new recruits like Jesse Chavez haven't done a hell of a lot, and the pitching is still scattered. But the Dodgers still have one of the best lineups in baseball, with people like Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Howie Kendrick, Joc Pederson and ESPECIALLY COREY SEAGER mashing the hell out of the ball.

Plus, even if Kershaw is out, Kenta Maeda and Scott Kazmir are doing a well enough job holding up the rotation, with people like Ross Stripling and Julio Urias doing a well enough job keeping the ERAs positive. It's not perfect, but the pitching is staying afloat.

What the Dodgers need to do, now that they're ahead of the Giants, is make a case for growth and more of a postseason shot with their scrappy, win-or-nothing team, over the Giants who're there every other year. They're a few moves away, but once people start coming back from the DL the answer will become clear.

Coming Tonight- A Red Sox first baseman and a musing on the Hall of Fame.

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