Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Six Years Later, Your Stephen Strasburg RCs are Finally Worth Something

I'm going to take this post about a talk about another National. One that's going on from now until Sunday at 5.

This weekend is the National Sports Collector's Convention, which thankfully happens to be on my coast this year. And all of this talk about the National is making me think of which cards are worth something nowadays, cards of current players. Now there are some obvious choices, like Mike Trout's rookie, Anthony Rizzo's rookie, and of course the especially hidden Alex Gordon rookie, but there are people making their way onto the list, prices climbing and all of those.

For instance, Stephen Strasburg, when his rookie cards were released (in a manner of speaking), there was an uproar on the blogs over Topps making them so hard to find, but once they came packaged with the Update set/factory set, they were easier find, and easier to sell. In the past five years, however, the price of the once-sought-over rookie card has sunk a tiny bit with his 'okay' number of seasons.

2016, however, is a season Nationals fans and Strasburg rookie-card holders have been waiting for. He's got a phenomenal win-loss ratio, he's striking out everybody, and he's stronger than he's been in years. This was the Strasburg we were promised in his debut in 2010. This is the guy we all thought we'd be getting immediately. It's not like an Alex Gordon thing where we were promised a superstar and got...well, Alex Gordon. Stephen Strasburg is turning his potential into actual mileage, and becoming a star right before out eyes.

I, of course, found my way into nabbing Strasburg's rookie card back in 2010, and have held onto it ever since. I'm not the kind of guy who thinks about selling cards all the time, but when somebody's having an amazing season, you sell high and you run before the price drops.

So yeah. Stephen Strasburg is for real, and I imagine a ton of his cards will be changing hands this weekend in Atlantic City.

P.S.- I imagine you all want to know, seeing as the National is on my coast for the first time in years, and also seeing as the show is in Atlantic City, which is in the same state lines and within an hour of transit, whether or not I will be attending. To which I will answer...why the hell wouldn't I? Sunday, baby...sunday.

Coming Tomorrow- He replaced his hero, Jimmy Rollins, at shortstop. And now he's trying to save his team from falling back into obscurity.

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