Saturday, August 20, 2016

Throwback for a Homestand

Well, that was fun. Temporary, but fun.

I spent a week up in the Adirondack mountains. I had my fun, did my share of relaxing, took a trip to Cooperstown and made a potential THIRD baseball game of the year happen (film Monday). And as you read this post, I'm en route to good 'ol Jersey for the last week before I go back to college.

The summer's been nice- busy, but nice. Aside from that week in Lake George, I spent a month on the road, between North Jersey and Pittsburgh, working with a film camp for kids on the autism spectrum, as the staff writer. I was giving back to the community, a community I'd been a part of for years, and I was making a solid amount of money doing what I love, writing.

This semester at school I'm gonna be running a club, taking a number of high-intensity writing classes, and potentially going out for a few stage productions. I will definitely have a ton on my plate, blog included. However, I will make damn sure that I have enough effort to spend on this blog. I'm planning on, like last year, getting a box of Topps Update when it comes out, as well as showcasing a few other card-related things as the year goes on.

But yeah. From now til...maybe mid-September, the blog will be in some sort of flux. But it's definitely going to stay around, and I will not stop posting. I'm just gonna go from 'summer formation' to 'college formation' very soon.

Coming Tomorrow, I assume- The King.

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