Friday, August 12, 2016

At Least The Marlins Are Fun Again

I'd like to apologize for my angry rant from last night. It's just...this whole 'Blue Jays being in first for no reason' thing just really...just really ticks me off. And I hate the fact that I have to write posts like 'why is this happening'...and then posts like 'why is this still happening' a month later.

So what I'd like to do for this morning's post is none of that.

For instance...right now the Miami Marlins are in second place, and they've somehow become a pretty cool little team. Not exactly a threat for first place, but...they're doing a lot right.

Look at Martin Prado- the guy's 32 and playing like he's 22. He's hitting for average and getting a ton of hits, and he's making Brian Cashman even madder that he traded him for Garrett Jones. Just hits guys like him, Ichiro, Dee Gordon and Christian Yelich are fueling this team. It's not exactly a home-run haven- Giancarlo Stanton's hit 24 so far, but that's low for him.

Between Yelich, Prado, Marcell Ozuna and J.T. Realmuto, there's a lot of positive bat momentum going on in a roster that had little-to-no movement a few seasons ago. Plus, Jose Fernandez is back to familiar numbers, and he's leading a reformed, modest enough pitching staff. Things are looking pretty damn good for the Marlins...which is weird.

I'm not expecting them to take first away from Washington, because...I think they kind of have that wrapped up, but they could be a nice little sleeper threat for September/October. And I love saying that about a hard-luck team like the Marlins.

Coming Tonight- A Tigers pitcher that is not Justin Verlander.

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