Friday, August 5, 2016

Some Terrible Odor Coming from Arlington

Okay. Let me get this out of way up top. Back in May, Rougned Odor punched Jose Bautista in the face.

Got it? Got the giggles out? Good. Now let's move onto the bare facts- Rougned Odor is actually a pretty talented second baseman, and a pretty great hitter. And for a team that's on the serious upswing for the first time in half a decade, this is an incredibly promising fact.

In the last few years, a HUGE youth movement has made its way up, thanks to the team absolutely tanking in 2014, and being forced to bring up a TON of talent in 2014-15. So people like Rougned Odor, Delino DeShields, Joey Gallo, and of course Nomar Mazara, made their way up and started making it big- it's weird, because for a team that was good and traded for a lot of players in that period of time, they have a fairly strong farm system and a nice amount of talent.

Odor's probably the biggest catalyst of all of this- he's the biggest call-up of the last few years, and the most refreshing addition to the mostly veteran/acquired lineup. The Rangers are looking pretty sharp for the rest of the season, and it's because they've brought together a lot of talent from a lot of different places into one place. Jeff Banister knows his shit- without him they'd be nowhere.

Oh, and this is a shocker- I don't really hate the Rangers anymore. They're a different team from the money-grubbing, dirty-playing, pennant-grabbing evildoers of the early 2010's. They're newer, more homegrown, and a little easier to stomach. So I might be alright with them doing well this fall.

Coming Tomorrow- GASP! A pitcher is doing well in Colorado????

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