Friday, August 12, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Fulmer Edition

Heck of a year in the AL Central. Started with a Royals-WhiteSox those two are out of it. And it's become the Indians trying to fend off the Tigers. I...honestly like that a little better.

There's more suspense, and there are underdogs to root for. The Indians have been through so much that I can't help but at least be interested in the Tigers. Their priorities are completely different than the 2012 World Series team. Now there are more hit-average-friendly people like Ian Kinsler and Jose Iglesias leading the roster, though home runs still are hit there occasionally. The pitching staff isn't an overstocked haven for arms, but there are people like Michael Fulmer and Matt Boyd who are coming up and doing little things.

The rotation, which is coming back from injuries, is essentially just Justin Verlander and Michael Fulmer just pounding the shit out of batters, and then waiting 3 days to get another go at it. The back end of the rotation, when it is there, doesn't have a ton of depth, as Anibal Sanchez is having a down year, and Jordan Zimmermann was playing well before the DL stint.

Even though I'm rooting for the Indians in this equation, I can't help but root for the Tigers, as they're pretty inoffensive this year, and actually have a lot of fun players there.

Coming Tomorrow- An outfielder for the...increasingly pathetic St. Louis Cardinals.

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