Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Last Cleveland Detail

For a good couple years, Coco Crisp was a steady, speedy part of a consistently underwhelming Indians squad. He spent some time winning a World Series in Boston, slumming it in Kansas City, and helping the Athletics get back to the postseason. Up until recently, he was one of the few remaining members from the famed 2012 Playoff Oakland roster.

Now...he's back in Cleveland where he belongs, thanks to a trade that juuuuust went through today. And...things are pretty right with the world.

First of all, he joins the most unlikely successful outfield in baseball, with Rajai Davis, Lonnie Chisenhall, Brandon Guyer and Tyler Naquin all floating around in the mix, all but Davis hitting over .300. It's a combination that keeps getting richer, and Crisp adds some bench depth that they've needed.

Secondly, he secures the possibility that the Indians are not only for real, but could make a serious playoff run happen. Yes, this is a team that's been ahead forever, but now they're beginning to sprout wings and head towards the finish in a huge way.

This is a move that makes me very happy, and will probably cement the status of an already-great team.

Coming Tomorrow- the Derek Norris I promised.

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