Saturday, August 13, 2016

Not Exactly as Inevitable as the Giants Thought

It's August, so the picture for the end of the season should become a bit clearer for everyone. However, in the NL East...the once strongholding Giants are now fighting to stay afloat against the surging, battling Dodgers.

It's actually a very fun race, because both teams have opposite strengths and weaknesses. The Dodgers have a brisk, fun lineup with hitters coming from everywhere and some definite stacking in terms of sheer power, but they don't have a ton of pitching this year. The Giants have one of the strongest pitching staffs in their history, with Cueto, Bumgarner, Samardzija, Matt Moore and Matt Cain all surging right now, and their infield is equally strong with the addition of Eduardo Nunez, but their outfield is a bit too inconsistent and injury-prone to be considered legitimate. They're imperfect teams, both of them, and it's actually kind of gratifying that both have sort have entered a stalemate at this point.

And I don't even know who to root for, as they're both great teams that could do really well in the postseason. The Dodgers are sort of underdogs here, but the Giants could potentially win another World Series if they get the proper September momentum. At the same time though, it might be too obvious to assume they can win another one- they've one three on the 'even year' streak, but asking for four, especially after the streak has been made so public, might be too much.

it's still pretty interesting to watch all of this go down, and there's still a month or so left of this.

Coming Tomorrow- He's in his late thirties, and won't...stop...hitting...

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