Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Especially Deep Friars

(Yeah, and I'm OWNING that pun.)

Matt Kemp, Melvin Upton Jr., James Shields and Andrew Cashner have all been shipped out of San Diego? What does that leave?

...Other than a pretty pathetic baseball team?

Look, Wil Myers is still there because they're not exactly done with him, Tyson Ross is there because he was injured this year. And YANGERVIS SOLARTE...is there because nobody else wants him. But he's still hitting pretty well and could potentially be a decent enough player on any other team.

Look, I feel pretty bad, because they shot themselves in the foot last year by trading away all their good prospects, leaving themselves with only some crappy ones. The team's falling apart internally, and all the guys they netted in 2015 (save for Derek Norris and Wil Myers) are all gone. They're not in last, but they're still suffering, and are completely scattered roster-wise.

All they can't count on currently is little stuff, like Solarte.

Coming Tomorrow- The shortstop for the...drastically depleted New York Yankees.

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