Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How is Jedd Gyorko Saving St. Louis???

...I'm actually legitimately asking.

This is a guy that came up with gutter balls for three years in San Diego, as a middle infielder who could BARELY hit. He had MODEST STUFF, at best, and was a bit more known as a fielder. And so, he was sort of shipped to St. Louis (for Jon Jay), making him a Khalil Greene type...until he came to the Cardinals this year and essentially turned into Daniel Descalso 2.0.

Like, he plays every infield position, and is hitting EXTRAORDINARILY WELL for the Cards. Like, for average, for distance, for power, for singles...he's doing everything that most of the roster couldn't do for the last 4 months. And thanks in part to Jedd Gyorko, the Cardinals are BEGINNING to come back. Like, it's still a pretty tight race for that wild card spot, between them and Pittsburgh, but the hitting is beginning to take shape. Molina's hitting again, Carpenter's coming back, Grichuk and Piscotty are still on fire. The Pirates are going to need to work extra hard to stop the uprising.

I just find it very weird that someone like Gyorko, who's had a couple of okay seasons, just completely came alive this season. I'm not sure if it's a fluke or the new normal, but it's odd, awe-inspiring and...interesting. This has been a very interesting season, to be honest.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of recently-traded middle-infielders, here's one that got a way worse shake of the stick than Gyorko, though...he's probably thankful he's not back where he was last year.

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  1. It is so cool to see him doing well. He is a local hero in my hometown of Morgantown WV. He was a shortstop in college, but he had limited range so the Padres moved him to third right after drafting him in the second round. What he is doing now is exactly what he did in college and the minors. He is finally healthy and reaching his potential!