Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Box Break: 2015 Topps Pro Debut (Part One)

Wellllll...I took a risk.

Pro Debut has given Topps an opportunity to let collectors return to the usually-tricky art of prospecting, by giving them a non-Bowman set that allows them to find minor-league cards, XRCs, of players who'll be huge someday. So, given that now is probably the greatest time for Yankees rookies since the 1990s, I figured I'd pick up a box of 2015 Pro Debut, see if I could nab something resembling XRCs of players I collect.

Yes, I know it's more difficult than that, and if a player's already been in a bunch of Pro Debut sets, it's not really their XRC, but...still...a minor league card of a legitimately cool player is still a decent pickup.

24 packs per box, so I'll do 8 per post. 4 hits, but...I'm not really in this for the hits, as you'll see from the "hits" I ended up getting.

 Pack 1-
Current Major Leaguers: 2/8
Clint Coulter cards: 2/8

 The base set is kinda cool, as it's got more varied border colors than '15 Flagship, as well as having this cool, grayish feel. Coulter hasn't made it p yet, but he managed to snag a Promo Night Uniforms insert (a fantastic innovation),
 These two made their MLB debuts last year...and sort of fell apart after that. Giolito's now in the White Sox organization, and Tyler Glasnow's doing an okay job with a rotation slot in Pittsburgh.

 Pack 2-
Major Leaguers: 5/8
People Who Play for One of my Teams: 2/8
 Refsnyder's not as present this season, but was indeed a Yankee. Jones is having a great rookie year, and Hanson has worked some games for Pittsburgh.

 And a Distinguished Debuts insert from a guy who's thankfully rebounding a bit for Philly, Aaron Nola. Nice enough looking insert.

 Pack 3-
Current Major Leaguers: 5/8
Carlos Rodons: 2/8
MVPs: 1/8

 Before Carlos Rodon came up, there was a lot of hype surrounding him, how he'd be a huge prospect. How that he's in the bigs, he's...a third-string pitcher. Welp.

 Sano's having a HUGE season, one they've been waiting for. Alex Reyes is injured, but will hopefully come up soon for St. Louis.

 ....and this guy.

This isn't exactly an XRC, because he'd be up in the bigs that very same year, but...still, it's a minor league card of Kris Bryant. This is still a very, VERY big deal. I'm happy I have it.

 Pack 4-
Major Leaguers: 3/8
Relatives of Future HOFers: 1/8

 Waldrop's been tossed around in prospect lists. Gabby Guerrero's Vlad's nephew, and he's doing alright.

 Two third-string pitchers. McCullers is having a great season so far, though.

 Pack 5-
Major Leaguers: 1/4
....what?: 1/4
 Jose De Leon, now on the Rays, was the only MLB highlight.

So...we've hit our first, uh, hit...and, uh...

Let's just...let's just dissect this for a moment.

One of my guaranteed hits in a prospect-heavy product like Pro a MANUFACTURED PATCH CARD...of a MASCOT. A mascot for a Minor League team. Is one of my two 'relic cards'.

This is a HIT that Topps places into a product to add the value. This is supposed to be worth something.


What the HELL am I supposed to do with a manufactured patch card of a Mascot? Seriously! What can be done with this?

rrrrrgh I'll move on...

 Pack 6-
Major Leaguers: 5/8 (Welcome to the bigs, Christian Arroyo!)
Yankees: 2/8
Phillies: 1/8
 McKinney was still in the Cubs organization, but would land in the Bronx in the Chapman trade. Peter O'Brien was on the D-Backs...I forget if he's still there. Aaron Nola is, as i said earlier, finding his range again, possibly making a comeback.

 This guy, meanwhile...once he gets off the DL, will be back to his old tricks, I'm hoping.

I'm happy about what Gary Sanchez has brought to the Bronx. He's a huge hitter, a great field presence, and a guy I'd probably hate if he played anywhere else. Glad to have him, excited to get him back soon.

 So...PACK 7-

And one of them was ANOTHER Manufactured Patch, this one of a pennant for a team, not even indicating a player, like Henry Owens, who's on the card. Again, it's barely even a relic, because it's a manufactured patch that hasn't gotten playing time, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH Henry Owens, even if he's played for that minor league team.

This isn't as bad as, say, having one of my hits be a manupatch of a fricking mascot...BUT IT'S CLOSE.
 Pack 8-
Major Leaguers: 3/8
Middle of the road pack here- Reed and Conley are struggling for playing time, and Dahl's on the DL, but he's gotta be awesome when he comes back.

Part 2 will be up soon. Hopefully it'll be better than...whatever that was.


  1. That manufactured mascot patch is sweet!

  2. I'm a fan of mascot cards, but I do agree about the manu patch cards. When you pull them it feels like you have been shorted a card.