Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Pressure of a Cubs Repeat

I relate the Cubs winning the World Series to the tank-fish finally getting to the ocean at the end of Finding Nemo. They've been working all their lives to get to this one thing, they get there...a beat passes, and one of them goes " what?"

That's a bad conundrum to be tangled up in. Spend all your time and energy on one singular goal, and then have absolutely no plan once the goal is achieved. Hell, at the end of Finding DORY, those fish are still trying to figure out how to move on with their lives. They're still searching. And I'd prefer the Chicago Cubs to not end up like that.

There's enough momentum on that roster for there to be a possibility of repeating- Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, Kyle Schwarber. All on so far this year, all stymying opposing teams. That's a constant. What worries me here is similar to my worry about Cleveland- teams will have caught up, and they'll have figured out how to crack the team. That's what I'm fearing, and this is especially since they won last year, and now everyone wants to be the next Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs this season will need to prove that they not only have staying power, but that they have MULTIPLE franchise players that can lead them back to October. They NEED to become a dynasty- that is the only possible way they can rebound positively from winning a world series. No other outcome will satisfy the fans.

It may be impossible...but hey, everyone thought the Cubs winning a Series was impossible for a while, never know.

Coming Tomorrow- For the second year in a row, his home runs are the sole thing keeping his team afloat.

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