Monday, April 17, 2017

Green Light

(There is a semi-obscure connection between the post-title and subject that I am impressed that I thought of. I'll be even more impressed if someone else gets it.)

The Miami Marlins are in first place in the NL East, tied with the Nationals and slightly above the Mets. What's more...they deserve it (GAAASP!)

This has been a young, compact, powerful roster that's been gesticulating and building ever since around 2014. People like Christian Yelich, off to a great start this year, Marcell Ozuna, off to an even BETTER start this year, and JT Realmuto have been coming from the farm system, and slowly getting better at the game. This isn't a showy roster, like the GM wanted back in 2012. This is some solid, homegrown stuff with a few supplemental pickups (like Edinson Volquez, Dee Gordon and Martin Prado) helping out.

Even though this is a Washington-led division, and even though the Mets are powerful so far...I kinda want the Marlins to do well this season. They have this charm to them, this gusto and likability that I haven't seen since...well, the 2014 Royals. So it can be done. It'll be tough in this conference, but it can be done.

Coming Tomorrow- No relation to the former Baltimore Raven, a rookie in Detroit that's been helping the Tigers get back to the top.

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