Monday, April 10, 2017

The Reds are Somehow in this too

I was expecting to write a post about how the Reds are still nearing the bottom, and how frustrating it's gotta be to see the Cubs do so well when you're not getting out of fourth. Then...the Reds got out of fourth.

So far, they have the same record as the Cubs, and are doing well enough to be tied for first in the NL Central. Now, I know that it's early, and I know that the first week of the season means absolutely nothing in the long run,'s still worth pointing out, I think, as it's happening to a team that's become quite depleted in the last year.

Brandon Phillips left the team for Atlanta over the offseason. Jay Bruce left last year. The Reds have this small core of Joey Votto, Zack Cozart, Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall, and are building a new sort of team with younger players. Now, pitching is still problematic, and judging by Bronson Arroyo's comeback performance the other day, going in the direction of cheap veterans might not be the best idea. Still, Brandon Finnegan's a nice enough arm, and can lead a rotation if he needs to.

Again, this is problematic because the Cubs are probably going to be in charge of the division for most of the year. And as much as I'd like the Cardinals to stay circling fourth all year, it probably isn't going to happen, and there's probably going to be a moment in June where they inexplicably get hot and everybody thinks they're for real. It happens every year.  So the Reds probably won't be this lucky all year, but this start is enough to make me think that there's some progress being made, which is nice.

Coming Tonight: A charter member of one of the most fun teams in the AL.

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