Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Human Cardinals

Oh, what fun, the Cardinals are terrible again.

...Look, I know that I evoke my all-too-present hatred for the Cards on the blog a bit too much. I'm aware of this. Most of this is based on something that happened over five years ago, and yet I'm still very bitter about it. I'm...trying. Believe me. I'm trying to move on from hating the Cards...but seeing them flounder this season makes it so much more fun to hate them. I can't resist.

Carlos Martinez...whether they were in last or not, I'm gonna hate him. He makes it seem like he's having a bad day, by throwing a ton of early balls...but he throws more strikeouts than most people. He doesn't really give up hits, but he still advances runners- he just doesn't let them get very far, because he strikes out everyone that could get them over. He's very crafty, very tricky...and gaaaah, he was making it hella difficult for my Yankees last Saturday. Not fun.

The rest of the team is a mixed bag. Players who used to be great that aren't doing so hot anymore (Matt Adams, Matt Carpenter, Jhonny Peralta, Yadier Molina), players who are trying to be great but don't have a support system (Stephen Piscotty, Mike Leake, Aledmys Diaz), and players who just aren't on the right club (so sorry, Dexter Fowler...) It's just a bleak mess, and it's not amounting to much on-field success.

In this division, it might be tough for them to completely bottom out- the Brewers and Reds might make it a bit tricky, but the Cards just don't have a ton of momentum left. They're gonna try, and there might be a moment in, like July, where they actually win games and look professional...but it's not gonna last long.

Coming Tomorrow- Last year he was catching for a last place team. Now he's...okay, a slightly different last-place team, but one that won't be in last for very long.

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