Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Defying the Inevitable in the AL Central

Two AL Central teams have made it to the World Series in the last three years. Neither of them are currently leading the division. That would be the Detroit Tigers, who were in last place in the division two years ago.

Baseball...is a weird sport, man.

Even more, they're in first, and it's not even the people you'd think that are ahead of the charge. Not Cabrera or Upton or Victor Martinez! Younger Players! JaCoby Jones is having a great rookie season. Jose Iglesias is getting a ton of hits! Michael Fulmer is back to his old tricks. Even Ian Kinsler, who isn't THE youngest, is still doing real well...mostly because he's Ian Kinsler.

At the same time, the established stars are striking out, the pitching staff is a bit inexperienced, and there are pitchers in the bullpen with ERAs of 40.50 and 108.00. So while the team is leading and doing well, they're still very far from where they should be, and the rest of the team needs to step up if they want to be completely good this year.

Still, this is a nice start. Hope it goes somewhere for them.

Coming Tonight: Saw him pitch over the weekend. Throws lots of walks...and still manages to stymie hitters.

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