Friday, April 21, 2017

About Freaking Time: Blue Jays Edition

For two straight postseasons, the Toronto Blue Jays managed to put together a team of aging position players, utility players that shouldn't be starting, guys that other teams didn't want that are somehow hitting, and one or two legitimate superstars...and got to the ALCS with them. Two years in a row they tried the tactic of losing games until June, and then somehow becoming amazing overnight. long last...the Blue Jays are starting out losing games, and it looks like they're gonna finish that way too.

I mean...they just do not have the team this year. Three people who could have saved them, like Josh Donaldson, Aaron Sanchez and JA Happ, are currently injured. This leaves us with a weak Jose Bautista performance, a weaker Russell Martin performance, some guys who usually hit like Troy Tulowitzki and Steve Pearce who aren't doing a great deal, and some pitchers who throw strikes but can't win games. So...not a very good team whatsoever.

As someone who's been hating on the Jays for a few years now, this delights me. It's great when so much effort is put into something that ends up so terribly (sort of like The Fate of the Furious). But...forget the fact that it's the Blue Jays- seeing a team where everything clicked from nothing last year go immediately back to nothing, in any other situation, would be a sob story. Like the Royals last year.

I mean, because it's the Blue Jays, I can't really feel sorry for them. I'd rather them just be a non-factor this season, and not even have them get any positive or negative attention from anybody, like the Brewers last year. That's a worse fate for them.

Coming Tomorrow- Biggest Personality in Baseball, back to what he does best.

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