Monday, April 17, 2017

Playing for the Good Guys

I feel like the Yankees have become a haven for ex-Cardinals outfielders. First Carlos Beltran, and now his teammate Matt Holliday. Hell, we get some pretty likable Cardinals- if we'd have gotten David Freese, I don't know if I would have stomached it.

So far, Holliday hasn't been doing half-bad for the Yankees. i mean, we haven't needed him to be more than a steady DH, which he's been doing alright as, but...I mean, he hasn't completely deflated, like Beltran had his first few years in the Bronx. We needed a piece like Holliday that could anchor the team, especially in its deepening youth movement.

I don't have a ton of qualms about Holliday, even if he is an ex-Cardinal. I never truly hated him when he played for St. Louis, as usually I saved my true scorn for people like Freese, Matt Carpenter and Stephen Piscotty. Holliday's a solid ballplayer, just gets nice work done. And now he's a Yankee, which is nice.

It's gonna take some time to see whether or not this Yankee team is actually going to exceed people's expectations this season, but my fingers are crossed.

Coming Tonight: He's lanky, he plays for a third-place team, and he looks like Pete Davidson, but he's still one of his team's best offensive suppliers.

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