Friday, April 7, 2017

Topps Comes Around....Four Years Later...

I spent four hours on the New Jersey turnpike today, getting home from college for break. I was exhausted, absolutely fried, and not expecting to find an envelope from Topps on my bed.

I racked my brain for a few minutes. Was there a chance that I'd accidentally ordered a ToppsNOW card while drunk and scrolling the web? Was Topps either suing me for copyright infringement or asking me for a job? I was confused. I opened up the other envelope, I was even more confused.

 This was the first thing I saw. This is a rookie autograph of Paul Dawson from 2015 Topps Football. Paul Dawson's already out of football. As is Topps. Where were they going with this?

...and then I remembered.

Back when I was collecting football cards, and I'd broken a few boxes from Topps themselves, I'd gotten a few redemption cards that I'd sent for online. I'd heard back from one or two, actually the Panini ones, but I'd forgotten if there were any Topps ones left.

There was...and it was a good one.

This is an autograph from 2012 Topps Archives, or 2013 Topps Archives as it was released. This set came out four years ago. I broke this box FOUR YEARS AGO. I am just now getting this AWESOME MERCURY MORRIS AUTOGRAPH from a pretty great set...FOUR YEARS LATER.

This was the absolute last thing I was expecting to fall through my mailbox today. I love the card, and I dig that they did Football archives so this card could exist...but this redemption took so long that I forgot it existed.

So, thanks Topps....I think.

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  1. Better late than never... right? Nice card.