Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Are the Rays Not Doing Phrasing Anymore?

(You have no idea how hard it is to make a post about Chris Archer without referencing FX's Archer. No task it more difficult.)

Yeah, the Rays have continued their recent streak of being basically ineffective for most the time. Injuries have struck the lineup, and while Steven Souza and Corey Dickerson are sure as hell trying, nothing's really getting off the ground.

Partially, it's because the AL East is essentially a 3-horse race this year- the Orioles are the heavy favorite, with a ton of surging hitters- the Yankees have been streaking like hell and are already getting some 'are the Yankees for real' articles- meanwhile, the Dark Horse would have to be the Red Sox, as they're currently slumping in third, but...y'all know they're gonna make a comeback mid-season.

The Blue Jays, meanwhile...are still technically a baseball team.

The Rays, at this point, know they might not be able to compete with the top 3, so they're trying to be the best fourth place team they can be, which is...kinda working. Chris Archer's still a great pitcher, but he gets no run support. Sadly, the rest of the rotation doesn't have much going on. The lineup had so many great kernels and extra players...and now that half the team's injured, they're all being rushed into starting positions and it's not going very well.

For right now, they need to get to an equilibrium and figure out what kind of fourth place team they're gonna be. From there...things will kinda work themselves out.

Coming Tomorrow- Best player on one of the worst teams.

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