Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's About Time: Rockies Edition

It may not seem evident by my posting of a pitcher who's only been around for a month as my totem for this, but the Colorado Rockies are FINALLY the team we've all been waiting for them to become. And it's about time, man.

This has been a lineup that's been slowly building, and growing, and getting stronger. I proclaimed last year that the infield of Reynolds-LeMahieu-Story-Arenado was one to be feared around the league...and this is still the case, even if Trevor Story needs a few less strikeouts to wind up above the Mendoza line. Mark Reynolds and Nolan Arenado are RULING this team, and DJ LeMahieu is still one of the best hitters-for-average in the game. Plus, even people like Gerardo Parra and Charlie Blackmon are contributing a ton to this team.

(Insert 'man, I wish Carlos Gonzalez was hitting' lamentation here, but this is supposed to be a happy post.)

I think that the defining factor here is that two relatively huge pieces of the 2016 team, Jon Gray and David Dahl, are out with injuries for a bit, and the team is thriving without them. Parra was supposed to be the backup outfielder, but with Dahl gone he's taken a full-on position and is running with it.Antonio Senzatela was brought up early on in the season as a rookie, and he's been producing enough stellar starts to slowly rise to the top of the rotation in Gray's absence, despite decent showings from Tyler Chatwood and Kyle Freeland.

This is a team that can withstand injuries to solid, integral players.

..and also Ian Desmond. But NEVERTHELESS...

Like with most posts around this time of the season, I've gotta end it with an 'it may not last' disclaimer, because if you think that things in April are going to stay exactly as they are in November, well...uh, hi Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Didn't know you read the blog. But I digress.

There's a chance that this could all fall apart in the next week or so, because it's not June and things aren't exactly set in stone on the season yet. But at the same time...this Rockies team has been sitting in third place for a few years, and maybe this is the year they do something. This might be it. But you never can tell, can you?

Coming Tonight- D'you wanna get a mediocre AL East team? Because this is how you get a mediocre AL East team.


  1. A hot Rockies April is as sure as the spring snowstorm we always get.

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