Sunday, April 16, 2017

The One That Got Away

Sometimes late at night, I ponder...after I'm done pondering about actual important stuff....what if the Yankees had never traded Yangervis Solarte away in exchange for Chase Headley.

I look at how things have gone for both parties. In 2014, we needed stability at third base, so we traded Yangervis Solarte away, and ironically he'd be a more stable, consistent third baseman than Headley's been. In 2014, the Padres needed to rebuild and not have singular sources of power, and ironically the guy they traded's a member of a rebuilding team, and the guy they got is one of the singular sources of power on their roster. It honestly couldn't have gone worse for either team.

Except for the fact that both parties have been doing pretty well.

Solarte's been fantastic at third for the Padres, even to the point where they've shifted him to second on account of the fact that they literally have no other stable infielders. Him and Wil Myers are among the few reasons to go to Padres games, which is nice. Meanwhile, Headley is FINALLY coming to his own in the Bronx, after a number of .200-level seasons where he couldn't get things together. Aside from being stymied by Carlos Martinez yesterday, Headley is finally hitting and proving his worth, alongside a younger, but stronger and more balanced, base.

So...pretty much the opposite of what either team wanted back in 2014. Funny, but still productive enough.

Coming Tonight (?)- Former Cardinal. Current Yankee. Oh, how the tables have turned.

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