Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Flight of the Phoenix?

Another episode of 'who the hell could have predicted this crap': The Diamondbacks are in first place in the NL West. HOW?? WHY??

The D-Backs, who started off with some platooning and scattered starting jobs after some big pieces (like Jean Segura) left, swept the AL champion Indians in three games, and are in the process of holding down the Inexplicably Last Place Giants. Yes, this is the top of the season, and yes, nothing is constant in the MLB, not even Rob Manfred's shit-eating grin that's in no way genuine, but the work that the D-Backs are doing is turning some heads.

Chris Owings, Paul Goldschmidt, Brandon Drury and Jake Lamb are all hitting pretty well- THAT IS THE ENTIRE INFIELD. Jeff Mathis is bringing some intriguing stability to a position that's been plaguing the Diamondbacks for a year or so. Zack Greinke and Patrick Corbin have been on fire. A.J. Pollock's been back in career form. Not a ton has been going wrong for them yet, and that's because all the elements that SHOULD HAVE BEEN working last year are suddenly working pretty damn well.

Except Shelby Miller. But you knew that.

I don't know how this is going to last, but if they keep winning, the Dodgers and Rockies are gonna get concerned and try to take back the division. I'm just basking in this, though- I never would have predicted it, and yet it's still pretty cool.

Coming Tomorrow- A last-minute pickup that's been pretty hot for Baltimore.

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