Sunday, April 9, 2017

Win? Twins!

This goes in the Department of 'It's Early', but I still need to talk about it. I just do. Even if the Twins go to, like, last in the league, it's still noteworthy enough that they're 4-1 and leading the AL Central right now, simply because absolutely no one saw it coming.

It's not like the 2016 Twins were needing missing pieces or something- I mean, they were, but not ones that'd amount to a contending team. Adding Jason Castro was a nice enough move, but I saw of it more as a sentence for him. I got to see the Twins in Spring Training, and it was a revitalization. Miguel Sano was hitting, Jorge Polanco was a force at shortstop, and the team seemed to know what it was doing...which is the exact opposite of 2016 for them.

So, they're leading the AL Central, which is baffling, and probably temporary, but damn if they're not lovable in all of this. Nobody expected this, and now that it's happening, everybody's gotta be happy. Even if somebody like Cleveland or Detroit's gonna come and snatch it soon, everybody's loving the moment. They have to.

Coming Tomorrow: One of the last remaining veterans in a struggling NL Central club.

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