Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A review of the latest NFL acquisitions

Baseball's trades have ceased. NBA is passed the deadline. Hockey trades are semi-nonexistent. To be honest, the only other trade in the world that mattered was an Argentinian being traded to Vatican City, but that's besides the point. What people really want to know is the football stuff. Who's going where, at whose expense, for who? Today, a whole bunch of crucial deals were set loose, in review:

Probably the most crucial one was Wes Welker signing with the Broncos. Last year the Broncos were the heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl, and came up short. They need a guy like Wes, who's used to playing in a few Super Bowls (and losing). Also, Manning needs someone other than Demaryius Thomas to throw to. As an added bonus, I don't have to see Welker in a Patriots uniform anymore, which is a plus.

Another big one is Reggie Bush being shipped to the Lions. This benefits both parties, as the Lions need a good guy to run the ball, and Bush needs someplace other than Miami to showcase his talents. The Lions are a team in progress; one that should be doing great but unfortunately have to contend with three other great teams. Bush might push them over the line.

Shonn Greene, another nice star, has left the sinking ship known as the SS Jets, to settle for another ship in need of repairs, the Titans. The Titans have some materials, and a lot of holes to fix. Greene could fix a few of the problems with the team, and may give them some nice games.

One of the more shocking trades of the day has been Alex Smith being shipped to Kansas City. For a few years back there, Smith was an elite QB for San Fran, until they found an Elite QB that was way more elite. So, Smith will have to play QB for the worst team in the league, and inevitably begin the slow slide that will lead to being the backup QB for a team that doesn't need one. The Chiefs may or may not benefit from this, so long as they have a better season.

As far as the huge ones go, that was it. Sure, Anquan Boldin was sent to San Francisco, but I won't talk about that yet, because to talk about the Boldin deal, I'd have to tell you the incredibly appropriate place I found out about it. Which will come later.

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  1. I was pretty excited about Harvin landing in Seattle. And Welker pairing up with Manning... that's going to be crazy.