Friday, March 15, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Worley Edition

In the trade that brought an outfielder with a very appropriate last name to Philadelphia, the man you see above, a former can't-miss Philly prospect that was doing exactly what the scouts said he wouldn't do (read: miss) last season, was shipped to Minnesota. And while the city's football team had ran to inexplicable (and short-lived) glory months before, I'm guessing that Vance won't be part of a mass revival for the Twins.

The Twins of 2008, like the Phillies of 2008, were a young, sharp team that got to the playoffs for a few years because they were young and had those elements. Over the next few years, half of those elements were traded, while the other half got injured repeatedly. All the Twins have left are Justin Morneau, all 2/3rds of him, Joe Mauer, who is still pretty good, and dozens of prospects.

Vance Worley may or may not be able to help the Twins this year. I am unsure with a combination of it being too soon to day, and not being sure when in the year Vance will inevitably land on the DL. But again, if he has a strong year, the Twins could at least stay out of last.

Hopefully, this won't be the end of the Vannimal's run. Nobody in Minnesota wants it to be.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the most consistent pitchers in baseball that can't seem to stay on one team for more than three years. Now, predictably, on another team.

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  1. With an embarrassing shortage of quality pitchers in the Twins' 2013 lineup, I like Vanimal's chances to make the rotation out of camp. However, I don't see the Twins making much of an improvement over the last two years. The Twins likely won't be good again until 2015 or 2016 and I doubt Vanimal will be in the Twins stripes long enough to be part of it.