Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Swisher Edition

(Two Indians, No Yankees. I know. Blame Zimbio)

In early 2009, Nick Swisher came to the Bronx. I had absolutely no idea what to think. Sure, he was okay with the A's and White Sox, but I really had no idea how he'd fare for my team. And in his four seasons, he was actually pretty awesome. He had hits, homers, and was a hell of an onfield personality. Even if he wasn't the best, he was still fun to watch, and for that he was pretty awesome.

Still, like I said, he wasn't the best out there, which is why he signed with another team this year: the Indians, whose last trip to the postseason was only propelled by a bunch of flies.

I think Nick will be a nice fit for the Indians, as they're the kind of team that can reward his goofy, awesome style of play. A lot of people think he won't do too well, I think he'll at least have a decent enough time of it. I mean, I doubt he'll be as big a star he was with the Yankees, but he'll still be pretty good.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the big ones. The knuckler that fought to keep his dignity, and his relevance.

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