Sunday, March 3, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Panda Edition


First of all, I think this card's pretty cool. Just the massive size of Pablo's torso makes this one.

The 2012 Giants were a great team, and one that was well developed, moreso than the 2010 team. They were stronger, better on the mound, and more consistent. 

They also kinda won because a lot of other teams lost. But that's besides the point.

 It's too early to say how their 2013 offering is going to be, as the team is slightly different, but hopefully they'll have a nice run. Pablo Sandoval is just too much of a fun player to have a down season. I know a lot of Dodger fans hate him, and want him to go back to the Panda Express logo where he belongs, but I think he's a neat 'little' player. 

Besides, what kinda of player gets the moniker 'Kung Fu Panda' if so many people hate him. That name, like those movies, are intentionally lovable.

Coming Tomorrow- Finally, our first Philadelphia Phillie of the year. A pitcher who really needs a comeback (which really could be any of them).

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