Saturday, March 2, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Hosmer Edition

(First of all, I love this card)

Poor Eric Hosmer. He's on one of the league's least profitable teams, his lineup never does anything, his team's pitching staff is mediocre, and he's been touted as a high-end prospect and has yet to break out. A lot of sad stuff going on.

I mean, I get that all of Kansas City is sorta on him to do well, but you can't really help but feel sorry. Still, I kinda believe in him. I think he's gonna do well in 2013. I don't know if his Royals will, but I think he'll have a decent enough year.

(I have nothing else. This post was cooked up last minute.)

Coming Tomorrow- One of the reigning World Series champs. Skadoosh.

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