Friday, March 29, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Wieters Edition


Alas, today's custom is the last of the pre-planned ones from Sunday. I imagine a lot of stuff has gone down since Sunday. A number of March Madness brackets must have gone to the floor due to a few gigantic upsets. Also, there may or may not have been another huge NFL signing that I'll have heard about by now. Nevertheless, here's the week's last custom.

The Orioles of 2012 were a cool team, one that went incredibly far and exceeded everyone's expectations. And now, everyone's expectations for them in 2013 involve them making their way to the top again. Will that happen? Well, it's a little too soon to say.

For one thing, the team has a marginally better pitching staff, but the team has also lost Mark Reynolds, a big contributor, and also Brian Roberts has been injured yet again. But honestly, was that shocking? He always gets injured. The only thing more constant than Brian Roberts getting injured is Dick Vitale saying "BAY-BEE!" (topical joke! Topical joke!)

Matt Wieters has been the centerpiece of the Orioles for five seasons now, and for five seasons I've made a nice custom of him. Also for five seasons, Topps has not issued a card of Matt Wieters. I know his license makes him exclusive to Upper Deck, or something like that, but I only have one Wieters card in my whole collection, and it's unlicensed. So that's kinda pitiful. 

Still, Wieters will likely have a strong season, make it to another All Star Game, and maybe, just maybe, lead his team to the playoffs again.

Coming Tomorrow- Hopefully by tomorrow I will have another custom for you. I need to make more. And then, when the season starts, I'll be more than stocked.

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  1. Awesome card! Anytime that I see Wieters name in the title of a post it immediately draws me in!