Monday, March 4, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Lee Edition

Though my Yankees are a series of question marks, I feel like the Phillies are going to do slightly better this year. Why? Because for once, they followed our lead and went younger.

They have a younger outfield, some new blood in the pitching staff, and some more overall power. I feel like they can try their hardest to repeat with this team. And the pitching staff is still as good as before. Lee is still around, and hopefully he can rebound from a poor 2012. Him and Halladay are going to need to be at their best this season in order to truly thrive.

I really don't have too much else, but the Phils need to be better.

Coming Tomorrow- An ex-Yankee, stranded on a faraway mideastern city, with nothing but a pair of sunglasses and his trusty ego.

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