Friday, March 1, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Trout Edition

Those poor souls in the AL Central. No teams too big to succeed. No teams too competitive to lose. No teams that could sink like the Titanic. Must be boring over there.

Trout is just another piece of the powerful Angels lineup, growing stronger day by day. For one thing, you have most likely the most powerful outfield in all of baseball. Hamilton to Pujols to Trout is a combination any man would kill for. Also, you have a really impressive pitching staff, and a nice speedy infield.

Trout is the centerpiece of it all. He's young, speedy, and is one of the more impressive outfielders out there. So what if he gained a little weight over the offseason? Not like he's gonna go full on Brando or anything. He still can hit, he still can play his position, and he's still a fun player. I think it's gonna be an interesting sophomore season.

But the Angels look like they're either going to do well, or fail miserably. There's no middle ground for them.

Coming Tomorrow- I know I've been AL-heavy the whole week, but here's another AL star suiting up for a bleak-looking squad, and hoping to finally break out.

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